Aerial Fabric Workshops

Island Elite Cheer

2216 Kaluaopalena St, Honolulu, HI

Aerial Fabric Fundamentals

Tuesdays, 4:00 pm-5:15 pm, February 16-March 8

4-week series $105, plus taxes & fees

Drop-in rate $30, plus taxes & fees

Learn how to approach the fabric with proper form and connectivity. This four-week workshop will focus on alignment, basic climbs, and will introduce students to inversions and footlocks. Students will begin each lesson with a warm-up and conditioning on the fabric. The workshop is intended for those new to aerial arts, ranging from the absolute beginner to those still working on mastering a single straddle-up. Open to anyone 14 years and older. Adults welcome!

Best results will come to those who attend the entire workshop, as each lesson will build upon the last. However, students are welcome to drop into a lesson at any point during the four weeks. Please call in advance to confirm space availability.

Form-fitting exercise apparel that covers your underarms and legs is highly recommended.

*Refunds or make-ups are not available for missed lessons.

Aerial Fabric Fundamentals
Please note date of drop-in

Private & Semi-private Coaching with Danielle

Have a specific trick or skill that needs work? Want to try a different aerial apparatus, such as lyra or aerial hammock/sling? Private and semi-private coaching is a wonderful way to get personalized attention that is convenient to your schedule. Please call for details and scheduling options 808-354-6180.

Private Coaching Options